7 rounds, 20 minutes considering time

A few snapshots from the tournament
All images in large format as a ZIP file
Computer draw Ready, set, go! Start takes place The Elo giants The first minutes...
ss07_01.jpg ss07_02.jpg ss07_03.jpg ss07_04.jpg ss07_05.jpg
What move,
this or that?
Looks like a draw A good move? One is already finished An open eye
ss07_06.jpg ss07_07.jpg ss07_08.jpg ss07_17.jpg ss07_10.jpg
The superiority is big 2324 vs. 2355 The pawn must away My head is heavy Totally concentration
ss07_16.jpg ss07_12.jpg ss07_13.jpg ss07_14.jpg ss07_15.jpg

Place 1
Place 2 Place 3 Place 4 and 5 Best in 1400
FM Helmut Kummer Artak Arakelyan OEM Zoran Trkulja 4) Wolfgang Stanka
5) WFM Maria Horvath
Alexander Riss
ss07_p1.jpg ss07_p2.jpg ss07_p3.jpg ss07_p45.jpg ss07_u1400.jpg