Open Slovan 2008
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9 rounds, 60 minutes considering time
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Winner: Maslík Miroslav (with 7½ points from 9 games)

A few snapshot from the tournament
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Whisky-Bar Boards and more ... Press More boards Start But where?
sl08_01.jpg sl08_02.jpg sl08_03.jpg sl08_04.jpg sl08_05.jpg sl08_06.jpg
FM Rückschloss Again a whisky? Sturc vs. Rückschloss Breakfast Lunch sleep Break
sl08_07.jpg sl08_08.jpg sl08_09.jpg sl08_10.jpg sl08_11.jpg sl08_12.jpg
Egor, in depth Board 1 winning Who against whom? Draw Referee Positioning for Marta
sl08_13.jpg sl08_14.jpg sl08_15.jpg sl08_16.jpg sl08_17.jpg sl08_18.jpg
Rapid Youth Readings To talk shop Next first move Final A new star?
sl08_19.jpg sl08_20.jpg sl08_21.jpg sl08_22.jpg sl08_23.jpg sl08_24.jpg
As best Team-Wien player Egor was able to enforce   Place 34
Masoud could repeat its last year success   Place 39
and also Leopold picked up a good result   Place 45