Open Slovan 2007
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9 rounds, 60 minutes considering time
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Winner: Karol Rückschloss (scores 7½ points from 9 games)

A few snapshots from the tournament
All images in large format as a ZIP file
board 1 for the begin! i have red or blue? time control Louis played a draw? Vaheh is to move FJ considers still
sl07_01.jpg sl07_02.jpg sl07_03.jpg sl07_04.jpg sl07_05.jpg sl07_06.jpg
the notation FJ, play your game an awoken boy
bright winner,
who? both of them
Masoud in the total one  
sl07_07.jpg sl07_08.jpg sl07_09.jpg sl07_10.jpg sl07_11.jpg  
Here still more photos of the tournament

Masoud was again the best Team-Wien - player
and reached Place 16 resp. the 1. Place beneath "2000"