Report and photos:
10.000,- Euro Rapid Chess Open
in the Linzer "PlusCity"

The place of tournament: 
A few snapshot from the tournament
All images in large format as a ZIP file
All preparations
are made
In a single line
you should measure
The driver
pardon player
The full Team
and the photographer
A King
enters the site
linz08_01.jpg linz08_02.jpg linz08_03.jpg linz08_04.jpg linz08_05.jpg
Vera exclusive Each victory
at half price
Vera and the king
Maria at the shooting Kasparov
in the opening phase
linz08_06.jpg linz08_07.jpg linz08_08.jpg linz08_09.jpg linz08_10.jpg
32 first moves Who will be the next
Also Judit Polgar
running a circle
It is hair-raising Serious situation
not for me
linz08_11.jpg linz08_12.jpg linz08_13.jpg linz08_14.jpg linz08_15.jpg
I have nothing
to wear
court of arbitration
    The autograph
from Kasparov
linz08_16.jpg linz08_17.jpg     linz08_19.jpg