A few snapshots from the tournament
Tournament Place
House of Chess
Podiums Winner
IM Peter Schreiner
IM Georg Kilgus
GM Niki Stanec
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FM Papa Joe Wallner
Valentin Dragnev
WMK Margot Landl
Jayakumar Somasundram
Cat.II 1)
Samer Albadri
kav8_05.jpg kav8_06.jpg kav8_07.jpg kav8_08.jpg kav8_09.jpg
Cat.II 2)
Tobias Mayrhuber
Cat.II 3)
Florestan Holzammer
Cat.III 1)
Peter Meixner
Cat.III 2)
Slobodan Pantelic
Cat.III 3)
Thomas Krutzler
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Roses for the Ladies Tournament Director Prominent onlookers It will have been cold outside  
kav8_14.jpg kav8_15.jpg kav8_46.jpg kav8_52.jpg  
Thoughtfully move? Kilgus vs. Gstach Wagner vs. Wallner Joe 3 ladies in the same view Stanec vs. Gockner
Hackl vs. Schreiner
kav8_16.jpg kav8_17.jpg kav8_18.jpg kav8_19.jpg kav8_20.jpg
Kilgus vs. Gstach
Hrdina vs. Maly
Wendlinger vs. Kersten
Wallner Joe vs. Stadik Wallner Ch. vs. Weinzettl
Schneider-Zinner vs. Kottisch
standing, more Overview
kav8_21.jpg kav8_22.jpg kav8_23.jpg kav8_24.jpg kav8_25.jpg
Round 2 Birg and Sumsi
Ruck and Bobby
Old vs. Youth
Stadik and Maly
lost in the game
kav8_26.jpg kav8_27.jpg kav8_28.jpg kav8_29.jpg kav8_30.jpg
Old vs. Youth
now seriously again
Cheeky vs black Bottle Oh a trident All are silent Lechner vs. Strohmer
kav8_31.jpg kav8_32.jpg kav8_33.jpg kav8_34.jpg kav8_35.jpg
Determination I learning one Opening Again Old vs. Youth What am i doing wrong? Bobby without rapid game
kav8_36.jpg kav8_37.jpg kav8_38.jpg kav8_39.jpg kav8_40.jpg
There is a time
for ...
An empty board,
an empty glass?
Goran e4 Zikic Paseka attacks Sponer has good laugh
kav8_41.jpg kav8_42.jpg kav8_43.jpg kav8_44.jpg kav8_45.jpg
little black supremacy Margit intervenes Now it's getting dark The light goes on again Enrico is still without an opponent
kav8_47.jpg kav8_48.jpg kav8_49.jpg kav8_50.jpg kav8_51.jpg