A few snapshots from the tournament
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Tournament Director IS Margit Almert Harald Hager The stern eye
of the umpire
Peter Sadilek
in a deep trance
kav4_06.jpg kav4_07.jpg kav4_03.jpg kav4_08.jpg kav4_05.jpg
Hot fight (spasm) Versa New round,
new luck
A short walk Norbert,
Your board on fire
kav4_11.jpg kav4_12.jpg kav4_13.jpg kav4_14.jpg kav4_15.jpg
The two top spots Is that a threat? Two Team-Wien'er
on board/picture
Margit Almert
Robert Baumfrisch
Mr. Rapid-Champion
kav4_16.jpg kav4_17.jpg kav4_18.jpg kav4_09.jpg kav4_10.jpg
handicapped accessible Peter Mayer
in hot battle
Award ceremony,
when at last?
The leading trio Walter Ochsenhofer
Special Prize-Winner
kav4_19.jpg kav4_04.jpg kav4_32.jpg kav4_20.jpg kav4_31.jpg
The Placements
Gerald Leitner DI.
A brilliant winner
IM Ernst Weinzettl
2. Place
Juraj Matejovic
3. Place
Zimmermann Dietmar
Under 2000
Branko Andrejevski
Under 1800
kav4_21.jpg kav4_22.jpg kav4_23.jpg kav4_24.jpg kav4_25.jpg
Wolfgang Kucera
Under 1600
Goran Zikic
Unter 1400
Lucas Beck
bester Youth
Sarah Maienschein
best Lady
Slavko Marjanovic
best Senior
kav3_26.jpg kav3_27.jpg kav3_28.jpg kav3_29.jpg kav3_30.jpg