A few snapshots from the tournament
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Room 1 Room 2 first registrations the youth arrives another registrations
kav1_1.jpg kav1_2.jpg kav1_3.jpg kav1_4.jpg kav1_5.jpg
Started Concentration Hard opponent Hot battles Youth glories
kav1_12.jpg kav1_13.jpg kav1_14.jpg kav1_15.jpg kav1_16.jpg
A long time job End in view? Handshake Best woman Best youth
kav1_17.jpg kav1_18.jpg kav1_19.jpg kav1_BD.jpg kav1_BJ.jpg
The winners Place 1 Place 2 Place 3  
kav1_P.jpg kav1_PI.jpg kav1_PII.jpg kav1_PIII.jpg  
Winner U2000 Winner U1800 Winner U1600 Winner U1400 Special price
kav1_U20.jpg kav1_U18.jpg kav1_U16.jpg kav1_U14.jpg kav1_SP.jpg