Team-Wien Turn of the Year Rapid Chess Tournament 2005
5 rounds, 15 minutes considering time, Link to 'chess-results'

A few snapshots from the tournament
All images in large format as a ZIP file
Everything prepared Clocks adjusted A table of gifts The peace before storm High-Tech Harald at work
SS05_12.JPG SS05_01.JPG SS05_13.JPG SS05_02.JPG SS05_03.JPG SS05_11.JPG
Control again A little smalltalk The Stadler Connection It arrived ... Explanations The start took place
SS05_14.JPG SS05_15.JPG SS05_16.JPG SS05_17.JPG SS05_04.JPG SS05_05.JPG
The heads are smoking The attack The table of masters Kibitzer on board
SS05_06.JPG SS05_07.JPG SS05_08.JPG SS05_09.JPG

Winner: Steiner Willibald   with 4,5 points from 5 games
In the following KO Tournament konnte sich dann WFM Maria Horvath could succeed