4. Birthday of Team-Wien
Celebration with a rapid chess tournament, 7 rounds, 15 minutes considering time
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Winner:    IM Aco Alvir   (with 6 points from 7 games)
2. Place:   FM Helmut Kummer   (5½ points)
3. Place:   Wolfgang Stanka   (5 points)
Under 2000:   Christoph Menezes   (5 points, 4. Platz!)
Under 1700:   Jürgen Wantscher   (4 points, 8. Platz!)
Under 1400:   Mag. Peter Zampach   (3 points)
Best 'Team-Wien'-player:   Egor Pavlov   (4½ points)

A few snapshot from the celebration
All images in large format as a ZIP file
Start of the event Silent time The top board A hot battle The direct duel
4gb_01.jpg 4gb_02.jpg 4gb_03.jpg 4gb_04.jpg 4gb_05.jpg
Ruck the chessmen High tension "Blow-Out" Cutting Tasting
4gb_06.jpg 4gb_07.jpg 4gb_10.jpg 4gb_11.jpg 4gb_12.jpg
Jürgen Wantscher Manfred Aumann Tagajbek Abdraimov Christoph Menezes FM Helmut Kummer
4gb_18.jpg 4gb_15.jpg 4gb_16.jpg 4gb_17.jpg 4gb_13.jpg
IM Aco Alvir
Harald Hager
Peter Zampach Norbert Veitsch Peter Zampach
Leopold Wurzenberger
IM Aco Alvir
Slobodan "Bobby" Pantelic
4gb_14.jpg 4gb_19.jpg 4gb_20.jpg 4gb_21.jpg 4gb_22.jpg