3. Birthday of Team-Wien
Celebration with a rapid chess tournament, 7 rounds, 15 minutes considering time
Link to chess-results.com
Winner: IM Aco Alvir (with 6½ points from 7 games)

A few snapshot from the celebration
All images in large format as a ZIP file
Already startet The front ELO seats Own opponent Some already finished? Glass plays white,
bottle black
3gb_01.jpg 3gb_02.jpg 3gb_03.jpg 3gb_04.jpg 3gb_05.jpg
Wo wants play with
Silent time,
like Christmas
3gb_06.jpg 3gb_07.jpg      
Time to Celebrate!
Almost a surgeon An balancing act I have my piece! You need tool? I want also a piece
3gb_08.jpg 3gb_09.jpg 3gb_10.jpg 3gb_11.jpg 3gb_12.jpg