2. Birthday of Team-Wien
Celebration with a rapid chess tournament, 7 rounds and 20 minutes considering time
Link to "chess-results.com"
Winner: Jan Wallner (scoring 5½ points from 7 games)

A few snapshots from the celebration
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Once upon a time and up to date
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Many friends
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"All Waltz" or similarly
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Kohmaier vs. Zampach
2gb_21.jpg 2gb_22.jpg 2gb_23.jpg 2gb_28.jpg 2gb_26.jpg 2gb_27.jpg

Aumann vs. Fritz
2gb_37.jpg 2gb_32.jpg 2gb_33.jpg 2gb_34.jpg 2gb_35.jpg 2gb_36.jpg

Wallner vs. Pavlov
2gb_51.jpg 2gb_53.jpg 2gb_52.jpg 2gb_42.jpg 2gb_43.jpg  

Ardocker vs. Stadler
  2gb_61.jpg 2gb_62.jpg 2gb_63.jpg 2gb_64.jpg  

Lang vs. Kargl
  2gb_71.jpg 2gb_72.jpg 2gb_09.jpg 2gb_07.jpg  

The ladys of the happy event
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Kavalier Open 2007 !!!
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