1. Birthday of Team-Wien

Celebration with a rapid chess tournament - 5 rounds, 15 minutes considering time
Link to "chess-results.com"
Winner: Maria Horvath (with 4½ points from 5 games)

A few snapshots from the celebration
All images in large format as a ZIP file
Direct contractors At what time does it starting? The drawing begins The fight has been starting Still fast the 1 on top
1GB_01.JPG 1GB_02.JPG 1GB_03.JPG 1GB_04.JPG 1GB_05.JPG
A light burns already As winners one must cut I have to do a move I believe it was the wrong move Coffee and Cake
1GB_06.JPG 1GB_07.JPG 1GB_08.JPG 1GB_09.JPG 1GB_10.JPG