Dear reader,

Team-Vienna was established 2005. The reason was the desire of many players for a professional ambiance at the club meeting location.

Considering wishes like good air quality, appropriate room temperature, friendly service, good lighting as well as the infrastructure of the location and public access, a modern seminar room in a Top Hotel became our new home.

Of course necessary steps towards present and future technologies have been considered, Internet connection, constantly updated homepage and mailings help to not only keep club-members well informed. In the planning stage are own chess training sessions, analysis and own tournaments with international attendance. Our main focus is the fun and comfort of all players with and through Team-Vienna.

We are very proud to say, that already in the first year of our existence, we achieved the master in the Viennese championship. So we were able to send two new teams to the following championship.
The result was noteworthy:
      again champion with promotion to the 1. Class now,
      our second strong team followed to the 2. Class,
      and also our newcomer team reached a good place in the ranking!

We gladly welcome suggestions and wishes which help improve our club. If you would like to join our club or just get to know us, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to show you our advantages.

Thank you for your Interest.

The management