Abram rapid chess tournament 2006
5 Rounds, 15 minutes time control

A few snapshots from the tournament
All images in large format as a ZIP file
Family Abram Master aspirant Smalltalk ditto Prelude
abram_01.jpg abram_02.jpg abram_03.jpg abram_04.jpg abram_05.jpg
Toys? ticklish? Start Kibitzer more Kibitzer
abram_06.jpg abram_07.jpg abram_08.jpg abram_09.jpg abram_10.jpg
Dear Family Reinhard in white short break What do you like to drink? it works Krasser
abram_11.jpg abram_12.jpg abram_13.jpg abram_14.jpg abram_15.jpg
Great pleasure Where is the bird? repeat order second break Bedtime
abram_16.jpg abram_17.jpg abram_18.jpg abram_19.jpg abram_20.jpg
Directly it continues next tournament? Thank speech Group photo with lady Where is Manfred?
abram_21.jpg abram_22.jpg abram_23.jpg abram_24.jpg abram_25.jpg